We have closed the doors.

After 11 years, we have cooled down the roasters for the last time and retired to Florida. Thank you so much for your support and friendship. We’ve enjoyed roasting coffee for you. We will see you on the beach!

Tom & Juanice - 4/1/23


JavaGenesis Coffee Roasting is a small batch craft coffee roaster located in Bethlehem, Georgia. Our roast philosophy is to roast each bean to bring out the best characteristics of the coffee. Your coffee will arrive with the roast date on the package so you will know that you are drinking coffee at the peak of freshness.  Whether you choose a medium or dark roast coffee, a single origin or blend or regular or decaf this means a great cup of coffee for you! Let us help you “Discover the Fresh Roast Difference!”

Who Are We?

We are Tom and Juanice Christian and opening JavaGenesis Coffee Roasting is a dream we have had for many years.  Those of you who have known us for a while and have tasted samples of our coffee were not too surprised when I quit my corporate job to open the roaster.  In fact, it was your encouragement and requests to buy a pound (or 3) of coffee that planted the seed that grew into this dream.  You also know how passionate we are about great coffee and how we love to share that passion with others.  If you have any doubt at all about this, just call Tom and ask him what new coffee he’s tried recently.

How Did We Get Into Coffee Roasting?

When we tell someone we’ve just met that we own a coffee roaster, the first question is always, “how did you get into coffee roasting?”.  It started about 16 years ago when a friend (thank you, Mr. Nault) gave us our first bag of fresh, locally roasted coffee.  It was great coffee and for a few years we drove into Atlanta every week or two to restock.  We tried coffees from different growing regions and soon we were searching the internet to learn more.  That is when we discovered home roasting and a whole new world opened up to be explored.

pic-about-roaster.jpgWe ordered our first home roaster and a small sample of a few different green coffee beans in 2003 and then we were hooked.  Tom began to learn about green coffee, growing regions, roast profiles and soon we were roasting some amazing coffees in our garage.  And of course because we are so passionate about these great coffees we began telling people about the coffee.  Like us, most had never experienced fresh roast coffee so we began sharing samples with friends and family.  They loved it too!

Soon people wanted to buy coffee from us, but our little home roaster couldn’t handle the demand.  So, after two roasters died (RIP iRoasts) and our 3rd was struggling to produce enough for our weekly consumption and for friends and family we decided to pursue the dream of purchasing a commercial roaster, opening a roastery and inviting everyone to ‘Discover the Fresh Roast Difference’.

Stop By the Roastery

We also invite you to stop by our roastery in Bethlehem, GA.  We would be happy to give you a tour and share a cup of coffee with you…and of course talk about all things coffee.

Directions to roastery