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Sometimes we labor over blends...mixing, tasting, noting blend ratios, adjusting, mixing, tasting. Sometimes your husband hands you a cup of coffee on a chilly November morning, you take one sip and you say, “whoa, what coffee is this?”. And he says, “I took some Mexico El Triunfo and added some Tanzania Peaberry to it.” That’s how this Blend was created. I loved that blending these two coffees brought out the chocolate notes in each and created a very smooth, easy to drink cup of coffee.

In 2016 it became our most popular Holiday Blend ever and so many people loved it we had to keep making the Blend, but it needed a permanent name. A group to of nurses at Piedmont Hospital *loved* this Blend, so we decided Piedmont Blend was the perfect name for this one. It might just become your new favorite morning coffee.

Blend: Mexico El Triunfo and Tanzania Peaberry

Roast: Medium

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