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One of the things that we enjoy most about being in the coffee business is that we have the opportunity to try some really awesome coffees from around the world. What makes that even more fun is being able to share them with you.

If you've been by our farmers market table and see the shiny, brown bags of coffee, you know there's something special in that bag. Throughout the year we are always watching for microlot coffees.  These are coffees that are produced in small quantities often by one farmer.  When we find these special coffees we buy them fast!

On this page you can purchase our current microlot offerings in 1lb bags. Enjoy them while we have them and check back frequently to see what's new.


Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Aricha

People ask us often, what’s the best coffee you ever had. I always preface this by saying, I like East African natural process coffees. So, the answer is an Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Idido Misty Valley. I kid you not, it tasted like a toasted strawberry pop-tart. It was amazing. When we find a natural coffee from that same washing station we grab it quick. Now we have this one and we are so excited to share it with you.

Description: This coffee comes from the Aricha station, formerly known as the highly coveted Misty Valley station and sometimes called Idido. This station is located at around 5700 feet in the Yirgacheffe highlands of southern Ethiopia. Approximately 700 small holder farmers contribute their coffee to this station.

Tasting Notes: A super good example of what a Natural Ethiopian should be. Very fruity upfront, great dark fruit notes and aromatics. This is the cup of coffee you cannot wait to grind up just so you can smell it. A little citrus acidity upfront, a little floral and lots fruit ranging from red fruit strawberry with a bit blueberry. The cup is nicely balanced with a smooth chocolaty undertone and a jammy body. A very sweet edge upfront to this cup. If you like Natural Ethiopians, be sure not to miss this coffee.

Price: $17

Cupping notes: Very fruity upfront, great dark fruit notes and aromatics

Roast: Medium

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