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We love our customers and are very blessed that many have become good friends. When one of those good friends faces the challenge of a lifetime, we want to do all we can to help and support them. We’ve created Lulu’s Brew to honor our friend Laura and raise money for the IBC Network Foundation.

20% of Lulu's Brew sales will go to the IBC Network Foundation.

Size - This coffee is only available in 1lb bags


Origin: Blend of our Mexico El Triunfo, Sumatra Lintong and Ethiopia Sidamo

Altitude: 1,100-2,000 meters

Process Method: Washed

Roast: Medium/Dark


Here is Laura’s story:

Laura, known as Lulu to her family and friends, was diagnosed with Stage 3 Inflammatory Breast Cancer (IBC) in late December 2018 just weeks after a ‘clear’ 3D mammogram and precautionary follow-up ultrasound. IBC is a rare and very aggressive cancer where the earliest detection is Stage 3. It most commonly presents as either a bug bite or infection. Misdiagnosis is common, and because of this, many aren’t diagnosed until it has metastasized. Thankfully, Lulu was diagnosed correctly and early.

Even then, it had already spread to her skin and lymphatic system. Lulu spent the majority of 2019 in the fight of her life and became an inspiration to all who watched her battle. She endured five and a half months of one of the most toxic outpatient chemotherapy regimens available, a double mastectomy, a grueling 2-a-day radiation protocol for 44 treatments, and a partial hysterectomy as part of her active treatment plan. Through it all, she kept an upbeat spirit and creatively shared her journey through anti-cancer themes, hand-drawn quotes, and pictures in her Facebook group, Lulu’s Fight. Even during this journey, she was determined to encourage and help others.

Like many aggressive cancer survivors, IBC survivors do not have the luxury of cancer free assurance; however, Lulu and her family are enjoying life with No Evidence of Disease! Because Lulu is one of the lucky survivors of IBC, she’s committed to a Herculean effort of creating awareness and raising funds for research for this deadly form of breast cancer. She is volunteering her time to educating medical professionals and women because knowledge of IBC and its exact standard of care can truly save lives. In addition to education, much research is needed about inflammatory breast cancer. The IBC Network Foundation is a 501c3 organization founded in 2012 by IBC survivor, Terry Lynn Arnold. Through it, nearly $1.5M dollars has been raised to fund IBC research and provide life-saving education to the medical community and general public. Nearly 89% of the funds raised go directly to research that will continue to advance knowledge to ensure those diagnosed will survive this terrible disease.

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