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Bulldogg Studios began in January 2021 as more than a class - it is training for our future workforce.

Our vision is to create a professional recording studio with current hardware, software, and instruments that will provide students with the skills necessary to be successful in the growing Music Technology job market. There are job needs right now in the area of music, movies, live sound, and gaming that require the skills and training that we are giving our students at WBHS.

Our vision is to give students a thorough, hands-on experience that catapults them into their dream careers. You can help us achieve our goals. 20% of your coffee purchase goes to Bulldogg Studios. These coffees are sold in 1lb bags.


Smooth Jazz Blend

Let the luscious taste of Smooth Jazz Blend take you away to East Africa and South America. Like a soprano sax solo, it's the perfect way to wake you up and get your day started on the right note.

Price: $15

Flavor notes: Nutty with light fruit finish


Hard Rock Blend

If a little darker roast is your jam, then Hard Rock Blend is the coffee for you. It’s a blend of Tanzania, Colombia and Ethiopia Sidamo.

Price: $15

Flavor notes: Full bodied medium/dark roast with chocolate, sweetness and bright finish.

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