Kenya Murang'a

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Origin: Kenya

Region: Murang’a

Altitude: 1,800 meters

Process Method: Washed

Roast: Medium

Cupping Characteristics: Fig, Molasses, Floral Aromatics

This coffee is so good.  There is lots of fig and molasses sweetness on the front end with floral aromatic on the finish.  It’s very balanced and full bodied.  This one has become my new favorite coffee and I think you’ll love it too.

The origin of the name Murang’a is believed to have been used by the Kikuyu people who referred to going for a visit in the area as ‘Kurang’a’ and and later changed to Murang’a. It is located 80 km north east of Nairobi and the coffee is grown on the slopes of the Aberdare range, an extension of Mt Kenya, with red volcanic soil.  This coffee is produced by small scale farmers of 1 hectare to 5 hectares of land under the Farmers Cooerative Movement.

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