Coffee Flight 2014

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Coffee Flight 2014

You’ve all heard of tasting beer or wine in ‘flights’. Coffee Flight 2014 is our take on that concept. We will be bringing in special coffees throughout the year from small production farms or micro-lots. This is a chance to enjoy some really exceptional coffees that are very limited production or are from places that we don’t normally source coffees.

Here’s how it will work…we will bring in the coffees one at a time, profile them and begin roasting production batches. When that coffee is gone we will move to the next one. We will only have about 50-60# of the green coffee for each of these, which will yield about 35-40# after profiling and roasting, so get them while we have them!

Searching for coffees from around the world and experiencing the amazing flavors and differences in the coffees is what started us down the path, 15 years ago, of home roasting and ultimately opening a roastery. Now we can share a little of our journey with you through Coffee Flight 2014.

First up…Rwanda Karongi Gitesi. The cupping notes describe the taste as rose hips, mandarin orange, raw cane sugar, vanilla cream, cinnamon bark, and honeyed finish.

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